walk in wardrobe renovation Brisbane, timber cabinets


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walk in robe design, Brisbane ROBE renovation




Hats, skirts, pants, dresses, blouses, coats, jeans, pajamas….. A walk in robe certainly has a big task in preventing complete clothing chaos! Drawer space is an essential part of any walk in robe design, and when finished in a feature colour or texture, or as part of an island dresser style layout for those serious walk in robes, it can add a touch of luxury.

A narrow set of shoe shelves gives instant order to those unruly necessities, whilst not encroaching on the space – and lets’ be honest: who isn’t loving the thought of rows and rows (and rows…) of perfectly paired pretties 🙂

Last (but definitely not least!) is the all-important hanging – a combination of full length and double hanging rails will ensure your robe reaches its full potential. Full length hanging doesn’t have to be a large space, but is a must have for those long coats and dresses.


walk in wardrobe renovation Brisbane, timber cabinets